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Online Couple Counselling


Hello, my name is Janine Knight and I am an experienced ‘Relate’ qualified counsellor  specialising in online couple counselling for couples and individuals.  I am registered with the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and experienced in working with a diverse range of relationship issues.

If you are in a relationship which does not feel right or you are struggling to reach compromises, resolve conflict or suppressing feelings of unhappiness, then relationship counselling can help.

My approach to online counselling is caring and empathetic. This means I will not judge you but rather enable you both to understand your relationship better and work through the issues that are troubling you.  I create a trusting, therapeutic relationship to enable you to gain new understanding and insights around what is not working in your life.

I was previously a registered Midwife working within the NHS and was drawn to the psychological aspects of care, talking to and understanding people’s experiences, often providing support following trauma.  My midwifery experience gave me many useful skills that I bring to my counselling role. I am a calm and positive person and I find it easy to relate to people.

Why choose me as your counsellor?

Relationship therapy is my specialist area and I am passionate about the job I do! I also understand how hard it can be to take that first step into couple counselling, because opening up to a stranger about the personal details in your life might feel a little daunting. Couples tell me that I quickly put them at ease which allows them to relax and engage in the therapy.

My communication style is friendly, relatable and down to earth and I have experience with every type of relationship, including different sexualities, ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.

Online Couple Counselling

I will provide you with a safe, confidential space where you can both share your thoughts and feelings about each other in a structured and meaningful way. At the start we will explore what you both hope to achieve from therapy. You may require help to understand each other more and make the relationship work better. Or perhaps have decided to separate and need help to do so more amicably. You may not know for sure what you want or you might be in very different places. That’s okay, I  will help you find clarity.

 How I work

Relationships require effort to remain healthy and couples don’t necessarily know how to do that work, particularly when problems arise.  Couple counselling helps you gain new emotional tools to navigate the next chapter in your lives more positively.

Together we will explore how individual patterns of behaviour might be negatively impacting your relationship. This is  because people are often unaware of how their reactions affect their partner. Couples often report having the same arguments over and over again without understanding their own role in this dynamic.

By identifying unhelpful behaviour ssuch as criticism, blame or shutting down, couples gain more insight into each other’s responses and where they come from. People may seek relationship counselling for many reasons but poor communication is usually the most common.

My Professional Qualifications

Level 5 Diploma in Relationship Counselling (CPCAB with Relate)

Level 4 Diploma in Relationship Counselling (CPCAB with Relate)

Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling (The Counselling Centre, Tunbridge Wells)

Mediation Skills Certificates (voluntary work at Maidstone Mediation Centre)

Diploma of Higher Education in Midwifery Practice (Kings College University of London)

BSc (hons) Sociology

I work within the professional ethical boundaries of my registering body, the BACP. My membership number is 00927492.  I have regular supervision (group and individual) and I am committed to continuous professional development.  I am also fully insured with an enhanced DBS certificate.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Janine for online couple counselling. Then please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Click  Booking Request

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