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Has your relationship become stale?

In our experience here at Relationship Counselling Kent, couples often  start having marriage problems because their relationship has become stale. This is one of the most common reasons that bring couples to therapy, particularly when they have been together for a number years.

More often than not, one or both parties, have become disillusioned, complacent, and uncommunicative and are at a loss as to how to turn things around. Despite living in the same house people often admit to living quite separate lives. This is not due to any major issues necessarily, but because the connection they once shared has been lost and they have grown apart.

Most couples who are experiencing marriage problems claim to still love each other (often due to the history they share. However, many admit to not particularly ‘liking’ or respecting each other anymore. It seems that the characteristics or traits their partner, which they once might have found endearing, often ends up as a bone of contention, causing frustration and resentment to the other person.

How can couple counselling help?

Marriage counselling or couple therapy explores, from each persons perspective, when things started to change and why.  It also helps you find out how each person perceives the others communication style. And examines the meaning the other person places on them. A third party enables a new insight and understanding. This will allow you to move your relationship forward in a more positive way.

It’s not about attributing blame to either one of you, it’s about gaining understanding of each others points of view and feelings. More often than not, both parties will have unintentionally played a role in the relationship becoming stale.

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