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Natalie Edwards-Moss

Ashford Practice

Couple Counselling Ashford


Hello, my name is Natalie and I am a fully qualified therapist based at Relationship Counselling Ken’ts Ashford practice. I have a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and Level 6 qualification in Working with Children and Young People.  I’m also a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and abide by their Ethical Framework.

I have a number of years of valuable experience working in diverse settings including the NHS and various educational establishments. My work with both individuals and couples spans across heterosexual, trans or same sex relationships. Along with different cultures, religious beliefs and/or disabilities.

I firmly subscribe to the belief that, in order to be psychologically healthy – to be fully human – is to be in relationship with others. In my experience, psychological problems can arise from relationship failure i.e. the cumulative experience of relational needs not being met. 

Perhaps it is the first time you have sought couple therapy and you are wondering what to expect. Or maybe you have had couple counselling before. Whatever your situation, I do appreciate that it can take great courage to reach out for help with your relationship. However, please rest assured, that I strive to be an approachable, warm and accepting couple counsellor. I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place to help you make sense of what is going on and help you work things out, in whichever way you choose.

Our first couple therapy session

One of my first questions will be ‘what do you hope to achieve out of the couple therapy, both individually and as a couple?’ Perhaps, you would like help to make your relationship work better? Or maybe some help in separating more amicably? Perhaps you want different things, or one or both of you, are unsure as to which direction you would like the relationship to take. It doesn’t matter, I will tailor the sessions for your unique situation and help you find clarity if you are unsure.

You will be welcomed into my comfortable, calm therapy space, where you will both feel instantly at ease. Most of us experience relationship difficulties at some point in our lives because life can be challenging.  Therefore together, we will work through what is going on, from your individual perspectives. By participating in the relationship therapy process builds the skills and strength to help you deal with problems more effectively and enables positive growth and development for both partners.

My approach to couple’s therapy

I will encourage honesty, with yourselves, each other and with me in order to move you forward. However, I will also ensure you are both tolerant and respectful of each other’s thoughts and feelings. So, I will facilitate an environment where you can both properly listen. Hopefully then, you will understand and validate each other’s feelings. I will gently encouragi you to reflect on what lies behind your own behaviour, This will enable you both to make the necessary changes so you can move forward, in whichever way you choose

My aim is to ensure both partners achieve a clear sense of self as a source of happiness, satisfaction and safety.

Ethical Standards

As a member of the BACP I am bound by their Ethical Framework to protect a client’s confidentiality. As a practising counsellor I have regular supervision and undertake CPD (continuing professional development.)  I also have a current enhanced DBS certificate and hold professional indemnity insurance.

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Lynn Garbutt

Ashford Practice

Marriage Counselling Ashford


Hello, my name is Lynn Garbutt and I am a fully qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Couple Counsellor based at Relationship Counselling Kent’s  Ashford (Egerton) practice.  I hold a PGDip in ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ (CBT/REBT) and have over five years’ experience in helping both couples and individuals make positive changes in their lives and relationships.

In my experience, it’s common for relationships to go through troubling periods and this can have an impact on the health and happiness of both parties, as well as other family members. When emotions are running high, it can be difficult to appreciate and understand our partners perspective. This it can lead to feelings of hurt, resentment, confusion and loneliness.

My approach to couple therapy

At the beginning of the first session, I will ask you both what you hope to achieve out of the therapy. Whether you would like help to make your relationship work better, or whether you would like help in separating more amicably. Perhaps you are not sure which direction you would like your relationship to take and would like to see how the therapy goes before you decide. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, or if your answers are different, I will help you both work through things in order to find clarity.

The therapeutic relationship between us is of the upmost importance in order for the therapy to be successful in achieving the goal you have set yourselves/self. Therefore, I will strive to build a trusting and empathic relationship with you. I will also tailor my approach to suit your unique situation.

My approach to relationship therapy is down to earth and common-sense and will help you work through your issues step by step. I may draw upon the tools of CBT to gently challenge you both about the negative impact any unhelpful behaviours might be having on the relationship

 Moving you forward

The vast majority of issues caused in relationships because of poor communication. It is common for couples to claim listen to what the other is saying but they don’t actually ‘hear or understand’ what is being said. I will help you to try and appreciate each other’s point of view in a calm, supportive, non-judgemental space. It’s not about agreeing with each other necessarily, it’s about learning to understand and appreciate your partners point of view.

Together we will work on finding any negative patterns of behaviour (which includes the way you speak to each other) which are impacting your relationship. People are often unaware of how their reactions/behaviours might be having a detrimental effect on their partner. Couples often describe having the same arguments over and over again without understanding how their own actions are contributing to the problems.

I will take an active role during our sessions by helping you both reflect back each other’s perspective. It is also important that you both feel comfortable with me in order to get the best out of each session. The feedback I have received from couples has said that I am warm, perceptive and impartial, so hopefully you will feel relaxed enough to  share your story with me.

Ethical standards

I subscribe to and works within the UKCP Code of Ethics and the BACP Ethical Framework and undertakes regular professional development. Alongside  having professional indemnity insurance.

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Beth West

Maidstone & Ashford Practice

Couple Counselling Maidstone & Ashford


Hello, my name is Beth and I am a fully qualified CBT therapist who offers a unique, tailor made approach to couple counselling called ‘Rational Emotive Counselling Therapy’ (RECT). Which is for couples struggling with emotional disturbance in their relationships

I hold an ‘Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)’ and ‘Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)’ awarded by ‘The College of Cognitive Therapies London’. Both of which are accredited by the ‘National Counselling Society’ (NCS).

I am also a qualified Mediator, which means I am an unbiased third person who is called upon to help resolve any differences/disputes. I have mediated a range of disputes, including family, neighbourhood and employment disputes. This has given me a good insight into relationships and how they breakdown when one or both parties hold irrational demands on themselves or the other person.

I combine my experience as a mediator with my REBT training in order to provide ‘Rational Emotive Counselling Therapy (RECT) for couples.

My role in couple counselling

At the start of the session, I will ask you what you are hoping to achieve through couple counselling. Perhaps you want help in making your relationship work better than it currently is. Or maybe you would like help to be able to separate more amicably. Perhaps, at this point in time, you might be feeling a little sceptical as to whether the relationship can be any better, so you would like to see how the therapy goes before you decide.

It is not my mission to rescue or save a troubled relationship if that isn’t what you want. I will help you work towards your goal. If you are unsure as to which direction you want the relationship to take. I will help free you from any strong negative emotions so that you can make more informed decisions as to whether you want to continue the relationship.

If you decide you want to stay together, I will help you enhance your long-term happiness. This will be through helping you eliminate and replace relationship-defeating beliefs. We will then work on identifying and changing any dysfunctional/unhelpful behaviour patterns to ones that help achieve long-range happiness. I will teach you cognitive, emotive and behavioural skills so you are able to successfully resolve any problems in the future. Ensuring ongoing harmony and happiness once the relationship counselling sessions have come to an end.

My approach

Relationships require hard work in order to ensure both parties feel mutually supported, respected and secure. In today’s busy world, it can be all too easy to lose focus on connecting with, listening to and supporting your partner. I provide a warm and non-judgmental environment where you can talk openly about the problems from your individual perspective. We will work together to better understand the role you have both played in the relationship running into difficulties. I will then help you understand the changes and tools required so you can support one another going forward.

I will help you both to rebuild your confidence, understand the possibilities of relating to each other more effectively and feel more enabled to make empowered choices about your relationship.

Ethical Standards

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society (NCS) and as such subscribe to and work within the NCS code of ethics. I undertake regular professional development and supervision as well as having professional indemnity insurance.

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