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Hello, my name is Kaye Barney and I’m a fully qualified ‘Relate’ and ‘Tavistock’ trained individual and couples’ therapist. I hold a Psychology degree and a foundation degree in Relationship Counselling.

Relationship Counselling is my second career. It builds upon many years of experience working in commercial organisations, understanding human motivations and behaviour. Over the years I’ve also gathered a wide variety of life skills and experiences. I now help couples and individuals succesfully resolve their relationship problems.

About you

Do you feel unhappy in your relationship? Perhaps your relationship is stuck in a rut or you’ve grown apart? Maybe you’ve lost the spark that brought you together or keep going around and around with the same old arguments. Alternatively, you might be struggling to communicate at all.

Resentment might be simmering under the surface or there are fireworks every time you share what’s on your mind. Perhaps one of you has had an affair, leaving the other feeling betrayed. Or one of you feels invaded because your partner is too clingy.

Maybe you’re unsure whether you want to stay or leave a relationship.  You might know what you want, but don’t know how to do it. Or think what you want is different to what your partner wants.

Perhaps you want counselling on your own, or couples counselling with your partner.  Whatever your reasons might be for seeking relationship counselling online, I can help you find a way forward.

About marriage counselling online

Asking for help signifies the realisation that whatever your situation is, it won’t get better without something changing.

Making the decision to start relationship therapy can feel like a huge step. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about it for a while, or you have maybe been putting it off, in the hope that things will improve. Maybe you’re reluctant to talk about deeply personal issues with a stranger. Or nervous about what you might discover about yourself or your partner. Perhaps you’ve tried counselling before and felt it didn’t work or you didn’t ‘click’ with the counsellor.

Whatever your fears, I’ll help you feel at ease with my warm, friendly, non-judgemental approach. I’ll give you time to talk about your problems in confidence and at your own pace. I’ll help you find ways of coping. And if you come with your partner, rest assured that I’ll give you both space to be heard.

I will help you:-

  • Explore what happens with repetitive thoughts.
  • Unpick the arguments that go round and round.
  • Work out where these patterns come from.
  • Voice your expectations, hopes and fears.
  • Understand how you communicate and try new ways of talking.
  • Identify what to change and learn how to accept or tolerate what you can’t.
  • Consider a way forward by brainstorming options.

Ethical Standards

I have a BACP Certificate of Proficiency, demonstrating that I have the relevant, up to date skills to be a practising counsellor. As a registered BACP member, I work within their Ethical Framework. I am fully insured, DBS certified, and take part in ongoing supervision and professional development.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Kaye for marriage counselling online. Request an appointment

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