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My name is Kay Doherty and I am a fully qualified couple counsellor at ‘Relationship Counselling Kent’.  I have a Higher Diploma in Relationship Counselling and an Externship in ‘Emotionally Focused Therapy’.  I am also a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

My specialist area is relationship counselling, offering counselling to both heterosexual and same sex individuals and couples. I feel alive when new couples come with their individual issues, because each couple’s situation is so different. Working alongside couples as they develop a more secure base and a deeper connection with each other is extremely rewarding.

What is Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) was founded in Canada by Dr. Sue Johnson and is now practised worldwide.  It provides therapists with researched based tools that will enable a couple to feel connected and safe, through secure attachment.  EFT asserts that relationship problems occur when couples have experienced emotional disconnection with their partner  – which, in turn leads to struggles in the relationship. These struggles can develop into negative cycles which are difficult to break.  EFT will support you to get past these cycles, re-connect and build a secure relationship bond together. EFT can also be used to address individual issues.

How an online couple counsellor can help you

During our first session I will I explain how online relationship therapy works. I will also talk about confidentiality and my method of storing files/notes etc answering any questions you might have. This will also be your opportunity to tell me about the issues that you each feel need addressing – from both perspectives. Then together, we will discuss a plan going forward.

As a ‘Person Centered’ counsellor I believe each individual knows exactly what is best for them, on an individual level and within the relationship. Then, with the proper support, I will help you find the ability to heal yourselves.  I consider myself to be non-judgemental and accept people for who they are and how they feel. I understand the need for empathy and will take the time to get to know where you both are in the relationship. By allowing you both the time and space to listen and really ‘hear’ each other will bring great insight into the relationship.

‘Emotionally Focused Therapy’ has equipped me with the skills to assist you in exploring any recurring, negative patterns in your relationship. I will support you in learning new patterns of communicating and help you achieve a healthy, secure bond.

The process of change during our relationship counselling sessions can be transforming; and it will enable you to reach a place where you really ‘get’ each other.  Moving your relationship forward more positively in the way you have chosen to do so.

After the couple therapy ends

I will have helped you develop the skills required to be aware and recognise how a particular behaviour might lead to you slipping back into the negative cycle again.  This will allow you the negative cycle into positive interactions.  You will be able to fully understand each other and feel re connected again. The negative cycle will be replaced with love, understanding and security.

Ethical Standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP ethical framework.  I regularly partake in professional development, have regular supervision and hold professional indemnity insurance.

If you are looking for an online couple counsellor and would like to make an appointment to see Kay. Then please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Booking Request


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