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Alison Day –  Relationship Counselling Maidstone

“Out of the blue my wife told me that she loved me but wasn’t in love with me anymore. This came as a complete shock to me. I had known that things weren’t great between us but I didn’t know it had got that bad. I persuaded her to go to a marriage guidance but to be honest, it was a pretty awful experience. It was dark and depressing the counsellor didn’t appear to be really listening to us and seemed to take sides so we both ended up feeling worse than ever”

“We stopped going and things went from bad to worse and looked like they were heading for divorce, but I was determined not to give up. I found Relationship Counselling Kent website on Google and made an appointment to see  Alison at relationship counselling Maidstone and it was clear that her approach was completely different other counsellors. I called her straight away and left a message and she called me back that same day. We only spoke for 10 minutes but during that time she gave me more comfort and confidence in the fact that we could sort our marriage problems out, if ,we were both committed to doing so.  Alison made me feel better in 10 minutes than the previous counsellor had done over several hours”

“Alison seemed to intuitively understand what the problems were and what could be done about it and she went out of her way to book me in quickly due to the fact we were at crisis point”

“During our first session Alison challenged us both around the thinking and behaviour that had led to us to be at this point. and helped us understand where as individuals we had gone wrong and how we could change things to make things work. Alison was kind and understanding but she also continually challenged and pushed us forward. We still have further sessions with her but she has already worked miracles for us. Day by day our relationship is getting better and better when a short time ago I was convinced it was over. I cannot thank Alison enough for saving my marriage and prevent me from losing my family”

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