Elaine Brown – Relationship Counselling Deal

“Highly recommend – I contacted Relationship Counselling Kent for an appoinment with Elaine at Couples Counselling Kent because I was concerned that my reaction to the small irritating things my partner was doing was getting out of hand. I was anxious, angry and upset on a regular basis. I tried to blame him for a while but I started to realise it was me and not him. I saw Elaine for a few months, once a week, and began to understand why I was reacting the way I was.

This understanding was half the battle, and was incredibly revealing. I learned not to let my hurt feelings turn to anger and frustration, and deal with them in a different way. I feel like my old self again now, I’m more in control of my emotions, and much happier in my relationship. Elaine was sympathetic, caring, open and I think genuinely happy for me when I started to feel better”

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