Couple Therapy

Attachment Styles & Adult Relationships


Understanding Attachment Styles and Enhancing Relationships through Couple Therapy   Attachment styles and their influence on relationships are a widespread topic of interest, both in academic research and individuals’ personal quests to understand their patterns of thoughts and behaviours. This interest is understandable, given that different attachment styles can significantly impact interpersonal interactions in unique …

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Fundamental Attribution Error


Fundamental Attribution Couples Therapy   Fundamental attribution error in relationships refers is a tendency to explain our own behaviour in situational terms and our partners ‘ behaviour in terms of character deficits. Attributions are another word for explanations and we can become quick to explain our partner’s behaviour in ways we would not judge ourselves. For …

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Attachment Styles


Attachment Style and Building Healthy Relationships   In the realm of building healthy relationships, attachment plays a vital role in shaping our emotional connections and overall well-being. Understanding our attachment style  can provide valuable insights into how we relate to others and pave the way for healthier, more fulfilling relationships. My name is Sian Jones …

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How To Build A Healthy Relationship


How To Build A Healthy Relationship   Having a loving, healthy and fulfilling relationship is a key aspect of a happy life. However, maintaining such a relationship requires dedication, understanding and effective communication. In this blog we will provide some valuable insights and practical tips on how to build a healthy relationship that promotes love, …

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A Well Kept Secret….

sian-jones-couples therapist

One of the UK’s Leading Relationship Counsellor Sian Jones, talks about how she created a service enabling her high profile clients to resolve their relationship problems at home
With discretion being the core to her work, is it any wonder that Relationship Counsellor, Sian Jones could be declared a well kept secret?

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