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My name is Lorna Ashley and I’m a qualified ‘Integrative Counsellor’ based at Relationship Counselling Swanley.  ‘Integrative’ means I’m flexible in the way I work and use the best possible approach to achieve the outcome you choose.

Whether you decide that you want to stay together or want help in separating my aim is to promote a positive transition for change, fulfilment and self-awareness.

I have extensive experience in both relationship and individual counselling. I’m also a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

My experience

I have been practicing for a number of years both in private practice and for two charitable organisations, where my work focusses on bereavement and suicide. I am also clinical lead supervisor which means I advise other counsellors with elements of their work.

About relationships

Life happens and it’s not always kind. The things we thought we had a handle on and believed we could cope with, can suddenly seem uncertain, confusing and overwhelming. We might experience thoughts and feelings which leave us feeling unable to make sense of it all. Your inner world can be very different to your external world. How you feel you have to be seen or heard can lead to conflicting emotions within your relationship.

Very few relationships are conflict-free. When one of our most important relationship begins to falter, our health and happiness often suffers. Whilst many couples might try and work through their problems alone, it’s difficult when emotions are running high. Therefore, it can be incredibly useful to seek outside professional help.

How I can help

Together we will look at what lies behind the current difficulties from both your perspectives by paying attention both to the past and the present. In order to bring about change you desire.

My role as a relationship therapist  is to facilitate change and resolution by helping you both communicate more effectively and reach your own conclusions under the guidance of a professional.

Whatever your age, background, race or culture, you are not alone. Together we can go walk the journey and explore what could be going on for you both. Being heard and talking freely in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space can be incredibly empowering in understanding who you are and how you can be more true to you within your relationship, whilst navigating your own path for growth and development.

I am passionate in what I do and committed to working ethically and safely with my clients to overcoming the challenges that we are presented with.

Ethical standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP ethical framework alongside undertaking regular professional development and supervision. I also hold professional indemnity insurance.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Lorna at Relationship Counselling Swanley. Please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Request to see Lorna