Emma Palmer


Couple Therapy West Malling


Hello! I’m Emma Palmer, a fully qualified, highly experienced ‘Relate’ trained couple counsellor based at Relationship Counselling Kent’s West Malling practice. I have a Graduate Certificate in ‘Couple Counselling’ and have over 20 years of experience . I specialise in helping couples and individuals find resolution to conflicts, embrace positive change and restore peace within their relationships.

Using an ‘Integrative Approach’ that acknowledges and accepts relationship difficulties. I support couples in understanding and addressing long-standing conflicts that may have been concealed, but are negatively impacting their present lives. Unresolved discord can unintentionally create emotional strain and stress within intimate relationships and family dynamics.

Deeply rooted and internally held emotions, combined with a multitude of external tensions associated with every-day living. Can result in regular clashes and intolerance within our most valued relationships.

How I can help your relationship

I offer sessions designed to provide context and guidance, empowering couples to work towards their chosen goal. As a warm and inclusive professional, I will create a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space where both partners can express themselves and feel truly heard. I understand that it might feel quite daunting discussing your relationship difficulties with a stranger. However, I will ensure you are comfortable so you feel more at ease opening up.

Our therapy sessions will begin by gaining a shared understanding of your concerns and goals. Together, we’ll explore ways to achieve clarity so you are able to move forward with confidence, in whichever way you choose.

Initial sessions may bring about some challenges, as each individual may have different desires and strongly held views on solutions, potentially leading to more conflict. This is a natural reaction, due to old wounds potentially being opened up.  However, as progress is made, couples discover the power of active listening and conflict resolution. This paves the way for positive change and a more harmonious relationship.

I recognise that individuals within relationships are influenced by their past experiences and upbringing. This can have a significant impact on the current relationship dynamics. By understanding any underlying pressures and nurturing a shared commitment to lasting change, we’ll work together to explore the transformations and resolutions you seek.

Ethical Standards

I undertake regular professional development in all frameworks of the counselling disciplines provided, together with regular clinical supervision sessions. I also hold professional indemnity insurance.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Emma for couple therapy West Malling. Contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent Today. Book Now