Jackie Hare


Couple Therapy Medway


Hello and welcome. My name is Jackie Hare and I am based at Relationship Counselling Kent’s Chatham practice. I hold a CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in ‘Therapeutic Counselling’ and I’m member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy).

I am fully qualified ‘Person-Centered’ therapist which means I will encourage you both to bring your individual issues to the session. The relationship counselling will be led by you both and not directed by me as your therapist.

Couples frequently tell me that they have drifted apart which leaves them feeling disconnected and alone, rather than a pair. It is also common for couples to be concerned that the “spark” has gone between them. Or something has impacted their relationship, leading to a breakdown in communication, causing pain, frustration and tension. This negative cycle then affects the trust and understanding between them which results in a void developing. Usually, by the time couples choose to seek professional help for their relationship, resentment tends to be simmering beneath the surface on one or both sides.

Relationship counselling is often viewed as a last resort for some couples because their relationship is at breaking point. However, in general, couple therapy is a positive experience because it takes place in a neutral setting, where you can take a breath and have the opportunity to finally feel ‘heard’ and hopefully understood by your partner.

My approach to relationship therapy

At the beginning of the first session, I will ask you both what you hope achieve out of the therapy. Whether you would like help to make your relationship work better, or whether you would like help in separating more amicably. Perhaps, you are not sure which direction you would like your relationship to take and would like to see how the therapy will go before you decide. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, or if your answers are different, I will help you both work through things in order to find some clarity.

I will play an active role in opening up the conversation between you. Bridging the gap and working with you both to gain a better understanding of each other’s point of view. Sometimes just having a moment to listen to each other without conflict can be therapeutic in itself. I am not there to judge or take sides, instead I will support you both as you share your thoughts and feelings. Taking the time to really listen and try and understand each other, without conflict, is therapeutic in itself.

As a person- centred counsellor I embrace diversity and will encourage couples of any age, gender or sexual orientation to explore their relationship in a calm, safe and confidential space.

Ethical Standards

As a member of BACP I subscribe to their code of ethics. This includes

undertaking continuous professional development and clinical Supervision. I also hold professional indemnity insurance in order to be able to practice.

If you would like to an appointment to see Jackie at Couple Therapy Medway. Please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Link –Request an appointment