Sally Cloke

Couple Therapy Brabourne


Hello, my name is Sally Cloke and I am an experienced, BACP accredited integrative therapist and couple counsellor based at Couple Therapy Brabourne practice.

Sometimes couples view couple counselling as last resort. That’s because they may have been experiencing ongoing difficulties for a long time and  have reached a point where they are considering separation.

Alternatively, couples feel unsure that couple counselling is the right path for them. In my experience, a vast majority of couples find it a positive experience. Often reporting, that they wished they had started couple therapy many months /years before.

People seek help with their relationship for a variety of reasons. A vast majority of couples are hoping to make their relationship work better than it currently is. In which case, relationship counselling is highly successful. That is if both parties are willing to ‘really’ listen to their partner.  I will emphasise the importance of each seeing his or her contributions to the problems and the possible solutions going forward.

Other couples seek couple therapy for help in separating. If so, I will help you do so more amicably. Alternatively, some couples are not quite sure what they hope to achieve and will decide later, that’s also OK. I will tailor the sessions for what you are both hoping to achieve, even if you are unsure.

How I can help

My aim is to provide you and your partner with a safe and confidential setting to help you explore and progress your relationship. Regardless of your age, race, religious beliefs, gender identity or sexual orientation. I consider myself understanding and empathetic and I work with the ‘relationship’ rather than the individuals in an accepting and non-judgmental way.

I will help you improve the communication between you, effectively creating curiosity and support, rather than conflict. We will work together to help you to understand how you, and your partner. can express your individuality while simultaneously supporting your relationship. This is the art of differentiation. Once you’ve passed through the “we” of the romantic stage, successful differentiation is the key to an authentic and fulfilling longer-term relationship.

Common relationship issues include –

  • Misunderstandings and tensions resulting from differences in viewpoints
  • Experiencing a range of feelings including; resentment, anger, and anxiety
  • A lack of trust or loss of connection
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Difficulties arising with other family members

At Couple Therapy Ashford the sessions are divided between spending time with each couple together. Then individual conversations with each spouse.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Sally at Couple Therapy Brabourne then please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent Request an appointment