Anon – West Malling

Allie Markantonis

“We weren’t sure what to expect, or even if it would help. Best money we ever spent!” We chose Allie for help and guidance after finding out of infidelity”

“After 15 years into our relationship we were on complete unknown territory. However knew we didn’t want this to be the end”

“Therefore found ourselves at marriage counselling. Feeling anxious and worried about talking, Allie quickly helped those feeling disappear and was easy to talk to”

“She gave us the tools to understand and appreciate one and other again. And helped us understand how we got to where we were. And most importantly how we worked to get out of it”

Allie has helped us, as a couple and as individuals, and we have learnt some valuable tools we will continue to use. And we are happy to say, we now feel the strongest we ever have”