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Our Approach

Our therapists at Relationship Counselling Kent understand that it can feel like it a big step coming and talking to a couple counsellor about the problems in your relationship, especially as one of you might be resistant to counselling. However, rest assured, our marriage counselling is provided in a safe, confidential environment and our therapists provide a warm understanding, non-judgemental approach to help you feel comfortable enough to talk things through. Even though it can be difficult at first, couples always report to feeling better for seeking professional relationship help. In our experience, more problems are caused in relationships by things that are left unsaid - than things that are said - as long as they are said in the right way. Our couple counsellor at Relationship Counselling Kent will help move you forward in whichever way you choose.

Common Relationship Problems

  • Stuck Relationship
  • Stale Relationship
  • Infidelity of affairs
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Intimacy problems
  • Impact of pornography
  • Jealousy or Insecurity

Our Fees

£70 (Per Couple)
A Full Hour Session

Couple/Marriage Counselling Session

£60 (Individual)
A Full Hour Session

One To One Counselling Session

£130 (Per couple)
Two Hour Intensive Recovery Session

Couple/Marriage Counselling

What People Say About Us

  • Trish Mayne

    “We can’t thank you enough Trish. We don’t know how you did it but you always gave us something to think about.  We understand so much more about each other. We are closer now that we have been in the 25 years we have been together. We will definitely encourage other couples’ to have counselling”



  • Sian Jones –  Online Marriage Counselling

    “Hi Sian, we just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Things have never been so good for us!”

    As you know, when we booked to see you we were on the verge of splitting up and Brian didn’t want to have counselling because neither of us could see a way forward.  And as much as the sessions were really difficult to start (in the nicest possible way!!) You were so kind and understanding whilst at the same time encouraging us to both be really honest. You were very honest with us both also by pointing out what we needed to take responsibility for individually if we wanted things to get better”

    “We both feel it’s a bit scary not having our weekly sessions with you but hopefully we will be OK now but we know where you are! Thanks again x

    Brian and Sophie (please don’t put our surnames)


    Brian & Sophie

  • Trish Mayne

    “Thank you for a really good session Trish. We were feeling really stuck for a time. You  listened and helped pull us back into a place where we could think and makes things feel better. We are very glad we chose to turn to you for guidance. ”



  • Elaine Brown

    “Thank you so much for everything you have done to help the situation with our marriage.  We have learnt a lot but still have a way to go but you have helped more than we can of expected”


    J & P

  • Tara Cratchley

    “Thank You, Thank You Thank You… no need to reply, I just wanted to say thank you Tara. You had the right balance between managing the situation with kindness but with a firm boundary to help us both see and understand what where we were going wrong and how we could fix it with your help and support in structured sessions.

    Tara is knowledgeable, understanding and really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend to others. If in doubt about whether or not to try couples therapy I would say what have you got to lose? We spent ages talking about going for help, and within a few weeks we felt we had a future and understood so much more about how we got in this situation and why.

    I just wanted to say Thanks for your time, support and patience. We are so grateful and you really are amazing!! ”



  • Sian Jones – Marriage Counselling Ashford

    “Hi Sian, you asked us if we would mind writing down what we felt the benefits of relationship counselling are so you can share that to help other people. We both thought long and hard about it and we are not sure we can answer that in a generic format because we feel it only worked for us because of you (sorry if that’s a bit creepy but it’s true!)”

    “From the moment we met you, you put us at ease. You had a way of making us open up and tell you things we had never told each other let alone anyone else! You helped us understand each other and ourselves and you never made us feel judged or uncomfortable and as I said to you on the phone last week now we have finished our sessions we will miss you  in a strange sort of way. Thanks again for everything”

    Request an appointment


    Elsie & Bernadette – Kent

  • Tara Cratchley

    “We didn’t think we would be sat here together having enjoyed a family Christmas, when this time last year we felt we were at the end. Thank You for helping us find a way forward that suited us, and for your knowledge and understanding. We now are looking forward rather than dreading the future”



Our Relationship Therapists