Surviving Infidelity

Counselling for Surviving Infidelity


If you have recently discovered your partner has been having an affair, you will know how difficult it is to deal with. It’s not just the pain of the betrayal you have to try and process, it’s also the loss of trust in your spouse and your relationship.

Learning that a partner you believed to be faithful, was in fact cheating, can feel overwhelming.  People regulary report to feeling confused, shocked, hurt and angry. Unable to fully assimilate and accept what has happened. Unsurprisingly, the person who has been cheated upon might struggle with the simplest of decisions regarding their relationship or day to day tasks.

Understanding why an affair happened

Affairs rarely have just one cause and they don’t always happen because of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in a relationship. It’s vital that you both understand the real reasons why it happened.

Affairs, infidelity or cheating usually (but not always) arise in a relationship that already has underlying problems which have not been addressed. This can be hard to accept, especially for the person who feels betrayed.

Many couples seek therapy following an affair or infidelity. Our ‘Two Hour Intensive Recovery Session’ is often requested immediately upon discovering an affair. This is because people feel they desperately need help in coming to terms with what they have found out. Sometimes the person who suffered the deceit finds it difficult to move on, and many years down the line it still eats away at the relationship.

How counselling can help with surviving infidelity

Our couple counsellors will help you explore what had been going leading up to the affair. It is vital that you (both) understand the real reasons why it happened. This can be very painful. But it helps to know what went wrong, so you can both work towards changing things in the future.

Relationship Counselling can help the person who looked outside the relationship understand what they were seeking elsewhere. Click – Unsure what counts as cheating?

Only you can decide what to do after an affair and whatever you decide will not be easy. Affairs tend to wreak havoc in a relationship but they can also provide the opportunity for positive change too.

An affair can also have destructive effects on your family, children and friends. Even so, an affair does not always mean the end of your relationship. With hard work, commitment and patience, it may be possible to come through this crisis and sometimes it can make a relationship stronger.

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