Our Approach to Relationship Counselling

The First Step..

All of our relationship counsellors understand that it can feel like a big step deciding to go for couples counselling, especially as one of you might be resistant to attending. People often tell us that they feel they should be able to sort out their own problems

However, that isn’t easy when emotions run high, making it difficult to see the bigger picture as to what is going on between you. Rest assured, our relationship therapists provide a confidential, warm, safe, non-judgemental environment to help you relax and talk freely.


Your relationship counsellor will firstly ask you both what you hope to achieve out of the therapy and tailor the sessions in order to help you get there.

You will both be given the time and space to express how you feel, what you believe the problems are from your individual perspective and when they first started.

With your therapists help – you will both begin to really listen and understand what your partner is saying and feeling.

You will both be able to see the bigger picture of what is going on between you.

You will learn about yourselves and the role each of you play in the dynamics of the relationship

You will learn how to communicate more effectively

You will find out what is important to you

You find out how to bring back intimacy and loving feelings

You will learn how to manage your emotions and take responsibility for your own behaviour and the impact it has on the relationship

Relationship counselling sessions are 60 minutes long.

You don’t need to commit to a regular time, you can establish the times that will work for you around your other commitments.

Problems we can help you with