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Our Approach

Our professional Relationship Counsellors understand that it can feel like it a big step coming and talking to a couples therapist about the problems in your relationship, especially as one of you might be resistant to counselling.

However, rest assured, Relationship Counselling is provided in a safe, confidential environment and he provides a warm understanding, non-judgemental approach to help you feel comfortable enough to talk things through.

Even though it can be difficult at first, couples always report to feeling better for seeking professional relationship help. In our experience, more problems are caused in relationships by things that are left unsaid - than things that are said - as long as they are said in the right way.

Our Couple Therapists will help move you forward in whichever way you choose.

Common Relationship Problems

  • Stuck Relationship
  • Stale Relationship
  • Infidelity of affairs
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Intimacy problems
  • Impact of pornography
  • Jealousy or Insecurity

Our Fees

£80 (Per Couple)
Online Or Face To Face

Couples Therapy Session

£68 (Individual)
Online Or Face To Face

One to One Counselling Session

What People Say About Us

  • Kaye Barney

    I have recently been helped by Kaye Barney and through my sessions I can honestly say I have felt improvement. She helped create a open and friendly platform in which we could discuss the relevant topics that helped ease my overall stress and anxiety. I would recommend Kaye very highly and I would not hesitate to book further sessions if I felt the need. I would also recommend the online sessions and found them far less stressful that adding extra travel to my day.

    Nik Edwards

  • Jackie Hare

    Dear Jackie,

    I can’t thank you enough for all your help during our sessions.  You have given me the tools and skills I need to move forward in a positive way.  I particularly liked the way you had saved notes from my first contact for counselling so that at the end we could re-cap and ensure all my issues had been worked through.  Having the notes from you has really helped too as I like to be able to read through them so that I don’t forget anything important that we talked about.  What was really interesting is the way you helped me to work through my problems rather than just suggesting solutions to me. I enjoyed my “eureka” moments where suddenly a penny would drop and I would see something from a completely different perspective.

    And as far as those eureka moments go, I still have them – do you remember we talked about how unrealistic a lot of those romantic comedies are particularly from the 80s and 90s and I realised recently that a lot of pop songs can be exactly the same if you listen to the lyrics.  I listen and watch now with a very different point of view! Not sure if you found it online but the documentary called Romantic Comedy by Elizabeth Sankey is really interesting to watch.

    Thanking you so much,

    Best wishes,

    Neana x


  • Jackie Hare

    My husband and I were both very nervous and unsure of what our session with Jackie would be. We were quickly reassured and had everything explained to us.

    Jackie is wonderful, she is the perfect mix of funny, reassuring and knowledgeable.

    My husband and I were in a rut, Jackie helped us to see the importance of us again. We would not hesitate to use Jackie’s services again if the need arises, however, using the tools she equipped us with we both believe we won’t need to.

    Jackie helped us talk to each other about things we would never have done so without her help.

    We are proud of us for going to marriage counselling but we feel very lucky to have met Jackie and used her amazing guidance.

    John Wood and Heather townsend

  • Kathy Hoggart

    Kathy Hoggart is amazing! With Kathy’s help my husband and I are back ‘on track’. Kathy reassured us that both of our feelings count and because of this Kathy gained our trust instantly. Kathy quickly helped us to identify what could be causing our issues and how we can use simple techniques and solutions to resolve/manage/accept them.

    Kathy had a very thoughtful approach throughout our sessions so that they were well planned and logical but also free flowing and flexible and without her being overbearing or dictating the pace. We had quick exercises that we willingly did in between our sessions that also really helped with our conversation during them. The support Kathy gave us to resolve our issues was superb. The tips and encouragement Kathy gave us helped us to work well together during the sessions. We were also able to work independently so that we made good progress from one session to the next. We are still using those tips now and we still remind each other when we need to of the wonderful guidance Kathy gave so that we can continue to benefit from it whenever we need to.

    Jacqueline B

  • Jackie Hare

    Jackie helped us at a time when we were approaching rock bottom in our relationship.   We both found her to be friendly, very approachable and reassuring.

    She helped us to communicate at a much deeper level and to understand the other’s point of view.  We would thoroughly recommend Jackie to any couple going through relationship difficulties.

    EP & WP

  • Tim Gilbert

    For Julie and I, counselling was an opportunity for change. We knew we were stuck and needed the time, the tools, the space, the bravery and impetus to begin the process of change.

    Tim gave us what we needed and at a pace we could manage. Tim joined with us in our exploration so the Julie-and- I duo became a trio with Tim; working together to resolve our issues.

    After each session we felt empowered to take away what we had discussed so that we may consider this in greater depth in our own time.

    He was never the passive wall or mirror (which would have irritated and blocked our learning) but an active participant in our striving to move forward .

    Clive and Julie

  • Maria Priddey

    Myself and my partner George have just completed a course of couple counselling with Maria Priddey and we wanted to provide some feedback to be shared for those considering seeing Maria.

    Maria instantly made myself and my partner feel so at ease and we built such an amazing relationship and rapport with her during a daunting and challenging time during our life.

    We came to Maria with our relationship in a desperate place. We couldn’t see a way forward for us as a couple despite knowing we loved each other and wanting to be together for our daughter but also for ourselves.

    Maria helped us see why we were where we were and realise why we truly wanted to be together. She armed us with a different way of thinking about the other persons behaviour and adopt a more positive way to respond to that behaviour. This enabled us to break the cycle of the negative spiral of arguments and resentment.

    I think we can honestly say Maria enabled us to save our relationship and get us back on track. We now feel like the old us again and are looking at wedding destinations! Thankyou Maria for changing our lives and their life of our daughter too, life is so good again and it’s down to you xx


    Claire & George

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