June Brogan MA Relationship Therapy. MBACP.


I specialize in couples and family relationships.


Have you lost each other through a period of transitions and stress? Are you ready to take an honest look at your relationship in an understanding, safe, unbiased and confidential environment?

If you have reached a critical point in your relationship, I will help you to identify negative communications, patterns and behaviors’ and how to change them.

We will explore the journey of your relationship and how you ended up having the same argument over and over again.

My work focuses on the present relationship issues, but to truly understand each of you, we will need to explore each of your blueprints around love, sex and conflict which may include looking at the past. This can help to identify why you feel angry or distant with your partner.

In today’s busy world families have high expectations and often other activities are prioritized above the couple relationship. Coming to therapy will be the first of many steps that helps you both to re- invest in your relationship, it will help you to understand each other better and often to really hear about how the other feels.

I have been working with couples for 10 years. Unhappy relationships can cause physical ill health and poor mental health conditions and are extremely unhealthy for the children of the family.

In my experience 80% of couples I work with experience a huge improvement in their relationship. During the process you will learn more about yourself and your partner. I will work collaboratively with you both in a non-judgmental way,

I offer 2-hour crisis sessions, these can be frequent for the first few weeks. (recommended if there has been a recent affair/trauma) or hourly sessions once a week.


Level 5 Certificate in Couples Counselling with Relate. 1 year

Level 6 Diploma in Family Counselling. 1 year.

Level 7 Masters in Relationship Therapy. Hull University. 1 year.

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