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Couple Counselling West Malling


Hello, my name is Paul Lewis and I am a fully qualified individual and couple counsellor based in West Malling, near Maidstone. I am an ‘Integrative therapist’ which means I use a blend of different theoretical approaches to meet your unique relationship needs.

I am accredited by the ‘British Counselling Association for Counselling Psychotherapy’ (BACP) and have over 8 years’ experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

My passion for working with couples comes from first-hand experience of the positive effects from making simple changes in the way we communicate.

About relationships

Sometimes we lose our way in our relationships and then find it difficult to communicate to our partner what is going on for us. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as a traumatic experience like an affair or a significant loss. Or perhaps one of you hold a long-term unresolved grudge. Maybe resentment has grown on both sides because some issues have not been properly addressed.

It can be all too easy to fall in to destructive patterns of behaviour in our relationships. Arguing, sulking or avoidance can result in a vicious cycle, making an already difficult situation much worse. At this point it can feel really difficult to regain control in order to find a sense of peace and balance again. This is where seeking professional couple counselling can help.

Couple counselling

I will provide you with a safe, confidential space where you can both share your thoughts and feelings about each other in a structured and meaningful way.  At the start of the session, I will ask what you both hope to achieve out of the sessions. Whether you would like help to make your relationship work better or whether you would like help in separating more amicably. Perhaps you are not sure what you want at this point. That’s OK, I will help you find some clarity.

We will work together to gently shine a light on any problem areas within your relationship. The process of sharing our vulnerability in a safe way, can be incredibly healing. It allows you both the opportunity to take accountability for what you are bringing to the relationship. When we get stuck or feel lost in our relationships, a willingness to offer compassion and validation to each other leaves us feeling much more able to move in a new direction.

You may not always agree with each other, which is ok, because there is great value in acknowledging our differences. Simply having the opportunity to be listened to and really heard by your partner can have a profoundly positive impact on your relationship and on you as individuals.

My approach during couple counselling

I will help you create and engage with realistic solutions for long-lasting change. I will teach you a new way to communicate more effectively, which is blame-free and with a focus on positivity. You will be able to apply this to your relationship both in and outside of the therapy room.

During our sessions you will have the opportunity to explore your problems together. Then discuss how you would like to change your relationship for the better.  During this process I will help you to identify any barriers that might be stopping you from achieving your goals. I will also help you uncover any long-held past beliefs which may be affecting your relationship in the present.

Ethical standards

I subscribe to and work within the BACP code of ethics and ethical framework. I undertake regular professional development to maintain a high level of knowledge and practice and regular supervision. My professional indemnity insurance is up to date.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Paul for couple counselling West Malling then please contact him via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Request an appointment with Paul

Allie Markantonis

West Malling & Canterbury Practice

Relationship Counselling West Malling


My name is Allie Markantonis and I’m fully qualified integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor based at Relationship Counselling West Malling. I’m also an accredited member of the NCS (National Counselling Society) providing relationship counselling for both couples and individuals.

All relationships go through difficult times. Sometimes couples get stuck in recurring patterns. Consequently leading to recurring arguments or an avoidance of communication. As a result, the problems bubble away under the surface in silence and both parties feel disconnected, unhappy or lonely.

How I can help

It can be easy to find a counsellor but more difficult knowing you have found the right one for you. I consider myself down-to-earth and easy to relate to while providing a confidential, calm and supportive space to help you feel at ease. As a result, you will both feel safe enough to be able explore the issues in your relationship.

During my work with you at Relationship Counselling West Malling. I won’t take sides, judge or offer ready-made solutions for your particular situation. In contrast, I work with you in a solution focused way.

You will have the opportunity to:-

Address negative and ‘stuck’ patterns in your relationship

Learn more about your own and your partner’s inner world and emotional needs

Talk openly and honestly with each other, in a way you may not have done for some time

Develop deeper understanding, connection and safety in the relationship

I fully understand that the time and investment you are making into couple counselling should be of maximum benefit. Therefore, my priority is to help you make the required changes as quickly as possible so you are able to move forward more positively.

Change doesn’t have to be a long process and it doesn’t have to involve lots of sadness and hurt.  Change begins the moment you both decide you want things to be different.

Ethical Standards

I subscribe to and work within the UKCP code of ethics and the BACP ethical framework. Therefore, I undertake regular professional development and supervision. Alongside having professional indemnity insurance.

Couple counselling West Malling. Marriage counselling West Malling.

If you would like to book an appointment to see Allie at relationship counselling West Malling.  Please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Request to see Allie

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