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Hello, my name is Sandie Peters and I am a fully qualified Relationship Counsellor based at Couples Counselling Sevenoaks.

I hold a Diploma in ‘Relationship Counselling’ and I am a certified ’Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist’ (EFT). Along with being a member of the ‘International Centre of Emotionally Focused Therapy’ (ICEEFT)

As an EFT Therapist I will work in collaboration with you as individuals, as well as the relationship as an entity in its own right.  Together, we willl gain insight and understanding into any unhelpful patterns of behaviour that may have developed. We will then work together to create a stronger and more satisfying bond between you. I will also help you develop the relevant tools to help you deal conflict more effectively in future.

I will tailor the sessions for your specific need because every individual and relationship are different. If you are unsure as to would like the outcome to be at this stage, that’s okay. We will work together to help you find clarity

Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) was founded in Canada by Dr. Sue Johnson and is now practised worldwide.  It provides therapists with researched based tools that will enable a couple to feel connected and safe, through secure attachment.  EFT asserts that relationship problems occur when couples have experienced emotional disconnection with their partner – which, in turn leads to struggles in the relationship. These struggles can develop into negative cycles which are difficult to break.  EFT will support you to get past these cycles, re-connect and build a secure relationship bond together. EFT can also be used to address individual issues.

For some people, it can be a difficult to reach out for professional relationship support. Some might see it as if they have failed in some way. However, I firmly believe the opposite is true.  In my view, it shows great courage to admit that things are difficult in your relationship at the moment. It also demonstrates a commitment to your partner because you are showing that, they and the relationship, are of the upmost importance to you.

I am passionate about working in partnership with any couple who are experiencing relationship problems. My work is diverse and my experience spans across work with couples of all ages, genders, sexual orientation or different cultural identities. My aim is to bring about a lasting and satisfying change for both people.

Relationship Counselling is highly effective in addressing underlying issues and can have a profoundly, positive impact on the wellbeing on the individuals within the relationship. Although it may not always be easy to navigate, the end result will be beneficial.

My approach at couples counselling Sevenoaks

At the start of our first session, I will ask you both what you hope to achieve out from the therapy and explain how we will work together. In sessions two and three I usually see each member of the couple individually to help us both understand how their past relationships and family background may have shaped their emotional responses to their partner and the challenges the relationship throws up. In session four we start the work of identifying the negative cycle and ways of communicating that might be getting in the way of the secure couple bond. of Whether you would like help to make the relationship work better.

Everybody’s relationship undergoes pressure at some point. This might be from everyday life stresses. Or through specific issues, such as finance, ill health, sex, parenting or infidelity. It may well be because of the challenges that come with different life stages. You may want to help your relationship work better, deal with a specific issue that has arisen, be considering separation.

No matter where you are I consider myself to be non-judgemental and accept people for who they are and how they feel. I understand the need for empathy and will take the time to get to know where you both are in the relationship. By allowing you both the time and space to listen and really ‘hear’ each other will bring great insight into the relationship.

Ethical Standards

Finally, I subscribe to and work within the ‘International Centre of Emotionally Focused Therapy’ (ICEEFT) philosophy and principles. I also abide by the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Therapy) Ethical Guidelines. I undertake regular professional development and supervision. As well as having professional indemnity insurance.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Sandie at Couples Counselling Sevenoaks or Online. Please contact her via Relationship Counselling Kent today. Link – Request an appointment


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